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Quoted by multiple NYT bestselling author Melissa Hartwig as “The most authentic voice in the self-love world,” Megan Bruneau, M.A. RCC is known as the “Millennials’ therapist.” Her no-bullshit, relatable voice has garnered of 30m views, and landed her appearances on The T.D. Jakes Show and New York 1 Morning News. Transparent about her own mental health struggles, frequent heartaches, and uncertain entrepreneurial life in New York City, Megan’s vulnerable and humorous writing-style has inspired dozens of viral articles – making her a HuffPost– homepage regular, MindBodyGreen Expert, and Forbes favorite.

Megan hosts the the formerly iTunes New and Noteworthy podcast, The Failure Factor: Stories of Career Perseverance, interviewing notable guests such as Deepak Chopra, Joe Cross, Whitney Wolfe, Danielle LaPorte, Mark Sisson, Melissa Hartwig, Jessie Andrews, and more. A Chopra Center faculty member and speaker at press-worthy events such as STRONG New York and Entrepreneur Organization’s Nerve, Megan is a sought after summit speaker and podcast guest. She’s been featured on Forbes, MindBodyGreenHuffington Post, Gaia, Thought Catalog, Elephant Journal, Entrepreneur, Quartz, Thrillist, Verily Mag, Lola, The Aloha Way, and more; she has also been quoted as an expert on DailyMail, The New York Post, Bravo TV, Psych Central, Psychology Today, Bustle, SparkPeople, The ListLifeHacker, Brit + Co, and more. Megan is also part of the MindBodyGreen Collective of experts; a video course instructor for MindBodyGreen,, and The AO Projectand a regularly interviewed expert on BALANCE Eating Disorder Treatment Center’s recovery YouTube channel.

Megan has a master of arts in counseling psychology (Simon Fraser University), and a bachelor of arts in family studies (University of British Columbia). With 12+ years experience providing crisis support, mental health counseling and coaching, she’s a Registered Clinical Counselor (RCC #6420) in the province of British Columbia, and sees clients globally as a coach. Using her unique combination of personal and professional experience and powerful written and spoken voice, Megan seeks to change the way people relate to their inner and outer worlds.

Nicole Canovas

Graphics Coordinator, Podcast Producer, Web Designer

Nicole is a creative jack-of-all-trades. Her responsibilities on the team are mainly on the tech spectrum; from creating Instagram graphics, to website updates, to YouTube video editing.  Nicole has also been producing the episodes of The Failure Factor, starting with Episode 23.  You can find out more about her freelance venture, Husmus, here.

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  1. Hi Megan, a friend of yours Tierney and Hospice volunteer with our organizaton forwarded your blog. Would you be OK with my quoting some of your article in our newsletter. If so whom should I credit. Thank you, Kim Hoag

  2. Hello Megan,
    As a healthier than I used to be “maladaptive perfectionist” (my diagnosis), I appreciated your article . Age, therapy and Christianity have played significant roles in my better health spiritually, physically and emotionally.

    When I began this journey (1980’s) there wasn’t a lot of information on this topic or the clinical depression that I was in at that time. I now work with a ministry that walks alongside folks that are going through a difficult time. I’ve been asked to speak to a group of young moms. When I read your article, I felt strengthened in my purpose to speak to these women on their feelings of failure that can come in the role of mother (not to mention other areas of their lives).

    I especially appreciated the “fill in the blanks” self talk when dealing with a anxiety producing issue and have discovered some of these through my own coping with panic/anxiety disorder.

    Thank you again and I’ll let the group know about your article in pinterest (it was fun and entertaining too) 🙂

    Blessings, Kathy McCann

  3. Amazing blog – forwarded this to a few friends! Really gave me a new perspective of thoughts and things I can rethink that’s happening in my own life. Thank you so much for your blog! 🙂

  4. Every piece of article you written about perfectionism has helped me immensely. I can’t thank you enough for sharing.

  5. Megan, I am feeling refreshed, finally finding a “shrink” who gets it. Suffering from (PTSD) depression and anxiety now for nearing 3 years (since diagnosis at least) it was wonderful to read in your first paragraph of ‘About Megan’ – “I don’t tell people how to live their lives, necessarily, but I provide a context within which they can figure that out for themselves.” So often I feel that I just want to talk with people, listen to each other and not expect answers or solutions. There is no magic formula, it takes time, thinking, aloneness and sharing to work it out and find a balance between all the traits that make up who we are. Better stop now before I start my own blog on your page. Thanks for your perspective. Bill

    1. Bill, thank you so much for your moving comments :). Yes, I very much agree with you that so often connection is ultimately what we are yearning for–the process of conversation and compassion, rather than the content. I so appreciate you sharing your insight and encouraging words. -Megan

  6. Fantastic blog, Megan. I am so glad to have stumbled upon it and look forward to reading more entries. All the best to you!

  7. Mam I am 20 years boy from India and I have read your article “5 Reasons Thinking About Death Will Make Your Life Better” and it was indeed superb! but I have one question from it even though thinking that today is the last day of our life will definitely improve and enhance our productivity and make you more effective and efficient but don’t you think that our subconscious mind might manifest that into reality and that is why I avoid thinking that it my last day of my life. Please mam reply to my queries as soon as possible!

  8. Thank you Megan. I’ve been having a rough time lately, made some horrible mistakes, and I’ve been losing a lot of motivation and ambition for just about everything, but I think that some of your tips and stories may be the push I need to put me back on a better course.

    1. Thanks for reading, Adam, and I’m so glad you found comfort in my words. Do try to be kind to yourself, challenging as it can be when Shame is berating us. Wherever you are, I’m thinking of you in this moment, and am sending you compassion <3.

  9. Your video on youtube was awesome Megan. Thank you very much. It’s my pleasure to follow your blog for advice. I am in the process of beating depression and I blog about it. Look forward to your posts.

  10. My friend referred me here since he was feeling the same things you have been feeling in “I’m 30, Single And Happy. And Truthfully, That Scares Me.” and he could never quite find the words until today. Great read and I definitely could see the parallels between what you and him are going through. Thanks for taking the time to vocalize it and give people like him an outlet to validate their feelings and start that discussion.

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