Megan on ‘The Science Of Success’ Podcast With Matt Bodnar: Uncover the Root of Your Pain, How to Smash Perfectionism, Love Yourself, and Live a Richer Life

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In this episode we discuss why the “happiness” movement has done us a disservice and sometimes makes things worse, how perfectionism creates an illusion of control and distorts your reality, how to become aware of the critical inner voice at the root of your pain and unhealthy habits, the incredible power of self compassion, and […]

Follow Yo' Dreams

5 Challenges of Being A Woman Following Her Career Dreams (Forbes)

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As a woman who’s deeply fulfilled by your career, your days are peppered with inspiration and gratitude. But there are times when your meaningful path is punctuated by pain. Here are five challenges that come along with being a woman who chooses to follow her career dreams: You will feel judged. When you prioritize work. When you’re assertive. When you travel alone. When […]