Interview For “Never Liked It Anyway’s” Woman Crush Wednesday

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I was interviewed for Never Liked It Anyway‘s Woman Crush Wednesday. Check out the best and worst gifts I ever got, my go-to pick-me-up, and my advice for all things love, sex, and dating :): This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is the one and only Megan Bruneau – aka the incredible talent behind One Shrink’s […]

Millennial Entrepreneurs: Here’s How To Embrace Discomfort And Follow Your Dreams (FORBES)

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My dad was a criminal lawyer for 43 years. He spent Monday through Friday between court and the office, escaping every Friday in summer to the lake, and every Friday in winter to the mountain. This highly privileged life (by most accounts) is traditionally appealing, but I feel panicked at the thought of replicating it. […]

Megan on ‘The Science Of Success’ Podcast With Matt Bodnar: Uncover the Root of Your Pain, How to Smash Perfectionism, Love Yourself, and Live a Richer Life

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In this episode we discuss why the “happiness” movement has done us a disservice and sometimes makes things worse, how perfectionism creates an illusion of control and distorts your reality, how to become aware of the critical inner voice at the root of your pain and unhealthy habits, the incredible power of self compassion, and […]

The Biggest Dating Change You Can Make To Stop Getting Rejected (Thrillist)

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After my last breakup, dating again was a clumsy and painful process. I fumbled my way back into the scene by downloading (then deleting, then re-downloading, then re-deleting) the essential apps. I shamelessly hit on the hot ref in my soccer league. I lobbed out a few “how ya been?” texts to old hookups. And […]

How To Be Wisely Vulnerable: When To ‘Feel’ And When To Avoid (Huffington Post)

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I recently broke things off with a guy because I felt too vulnerable. I hadn’t experienced “those kind” of feelings for someone in ages, and it left me paralyzingly uncomfortable. Now look, a shit-ton of anxiety is a natural symptom of falling for someone, and feeling vulnerable in relationships is necessary; however this felt extreme. […]

Post-Election Survival Guide: 6 Steps To Healing And Moving On (FORBES)

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For many women — especially those who have bumped into a glass ceiling or two — the possibility of electing America’s first female president fueled their dreams and drive for a more equal workplace and world for women. But for these women, what began as a hope and excitement-filled Tuesday quickly transformed into emotions including heartbreak, disbelief, confusion, […]

I’m 30, Single, And Happy. And Truthfully, That Scares Me (The Huffington Post)

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  It’s Sunday morning and I’m at City Bakery listening to Piano Ballads on Spotify. It’s unusually quiet here in contrast to the typical Manhattanite brunch-rush. There’s a trio of neon yoga gear-clad women sharing a confectioner’s sugar-dusted muffin in the corner, and one other MacBook-sheltered freelancer who’s been texting for the past nine minutes. I wonder […]

Interview With The Native Society On Megan’s Most Challenging Moment, Motto, And More

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 The Native Society interviewed me on my most challenging moment, biggest success, role model, and more! Follow the link below to read the full interview! What do you do best? Find the positive in a difficult or unwanted situation. Or, as some might call it, “rationalize” (haha). I read Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor […]

Recovering From Perfectionism–Terri Cole, LCSW Interviews Megan On The ‘Hello Freedom’ Podcast

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I chatted with my gal, Terri Cole, about what perfectionism is and how to recover on the Hello Freedom podcast. Check it out! When we think of perfectionists, an image of super overachievers bravely changing the world with risky new ideas or inventions might come to mind, but for the true perfectionists this description is inaccurate. Perfectionists tend to […]

30 Sobering Realizations You Need To Have In Order To Be Truly Happy (Thought Catalog)

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1. Change is inevitable and uncomfortable, and you’ll survive it. We go to great lengths to avoid change or to ensure we’re totally prepared for it, but you can never totally prepare. Change/transition is inevitable and uncomfortable, and we can choose to view it as liberating or devastating. Humans are adaptive and I promise as […]

I’m Interested In You. That Doesn’t Mean I’m Trying To Have Sex With You.

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“I’ve been a part of this industry a long time, Megan. You haven’t. Yet you seem to be quite close to some very powerful people,” my male colleague told me over twice-annual post-work cocktails. “It just doesn’t add up,” he continued. “And I don’t know how you pay your rent. I’ve wondered at times if […]

Check Out Megan’s Recent Interview On Capture Queue! 

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(From Capture Queue) Host of Forbes’ The Failure Factor, Megan Bruneau, M.A. RCC, discusses how our early environments shape our adult lives, highlighting how techniques like mindfulness and somatic experiencing can slow our conditioned reaction to cues and stimulants. She also discusses our biological need for both community, and connection to something greater than ourselves. Tracy: […]