Depression, Loneliness, and Risk (Alexa Silvaggio Interviews Megan About Allllllll The Important Things)

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(From Alexa Silvaggio of the Let’s Get Information Podcast): Oh my goodness oh my goodness, Megan and I went IN on this episode.  Megan Bruneau is a remarkable human who truly is the fountain of truth.  She can’t help it.  We talk about overcoming the feelings of intense loneliness, uprooting ones life to follow dreams, body […]

The Failure Factor Episode 26: Former Adult Film Star Turned Designer Jessie Andrews On Being Fearless And Not Letting The Past Define You

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At 25 years old, Jessie Andrews is the founder and CEO of four successful businesses. Formerly an adult-film star and international DJ/Producer, she’s now also a globally sought-after photographer, in-demand brand builder, and successful model and designer. In this episode, brought to you by Discover LMS, Jessie shares her unconventional journey from dropping out of high school […]

Overcome ‘Analysis Paralysis’ And Execute On Your Idea – 5 Tips From Ollie Cofounder Gabby Slome (FORBES)

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When you hear the short-story version of why she started Ollie, you might assume Gabby Slome is impulsive. While she and her husband were traveling Columbia, they found themselves being followed – by the dog who would later sit in on our interview at the all-natural, human-grade dog food company’s Flatiron Headquarters (READ MORE).

The Failure Factor Episode #25: Mark Sisson On Risk-Taking, Resilience, And The Failure That Cost Him $1m

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Mark Sisson is an serial entrepreneur and ex-endurance athlete, turned ancestral health pioneer and New York Times bestselling author. What began as his blog ( has now become one of the top-rated health and fitness websites, and has led to Mark founding of several companies of “primal” nature: Primal Blueprint, Primal Kitchen, Primal Kitchen Resturaunts, and Primal […]

I’m a Therapist, I’m Spiritual, and Sometimes I Get Deeply Lonely–Here’s How I Deal (HUFFPOST)

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  Last Sunday I schlepped myself home from a friend’s place at 5:41am. My “I’m going to have one drink!” night turned into a runaway — an outcome I rationalized as necessary coping coming off the heels of hands-down the most traumatic dating experience I’ve had in this city. My usual go-to of Jivamukti and Acoustic Covers […]

A nine-step plan for conquering social anxiety that won’t overwhelm you (Quartz)

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A couple weeks ago, I found myself at an intimate dinner party. Normally I feel confident and outgoing at social events. But as the host brought out a third course that rivaled a Michelin Star restaurant, I found myself overwhelmed with anxiety and shame. I don’t belong here, I thought. These people are way too cool for […]

The Failure Factor Episode 24: Ollie Pet Food Co-Founder Gabby Slome

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Gabby Slome is the co-founder of Ollie; an all-natural, human grade dog food delivery service.  In this episode, brought to you by Discover LMS, she shares how she overcame “analysis paralysis” and what she believes is most important for a successful business.Warning: Gabby shares some stomach-turning truths about the pet-food industry, so you might not […]

The Failure Factor Episode 23: Sarah Merrill of “Big Kid Problems” on Growing & Monetizing Social Media, Overcoming Fear, And Leaving Your 9-5 Responsibly

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It’s one thing to leave a job you hate to follow your dreams; but what about leaving that “cushy” job that’s not totally terrible?  In this interview, brought to you by Discover LMS, Sarah Merrill of “Big Kid problems” walks Megan through how she traversed this decision in her own life and how she’s made […]

A therapist’s guide to staying productive when you’re depressed or heartbroken (Quartz)

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“We entrepreneurs can’t afford to date,” I half-joked to a friend the other day. “We can’t take sick days when we get our hearts smashed.” I’m a therapist who helps people learn to be resilient in the face of life’s uncertainties. But even I catch myself feeling anxious about how to stay motivated when I’m […]

Meet Megan Bruneau – Growing, Failing And Innovating (We Are LMS)

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If you’re ever stressed and need to look at a calm, reassuring instagram feed, take a look at @meganjbruneau. NYC wonder woman Megan Bruneau’s long list of accomplishments include a successful career as a psychotherapist and hosting the podcast “The Failure Factor” (highly recommend giving it a listen). Her feed displays serene scenic views of British […]

5 Steps THINX Founder Miki Agrawal Followed To Bounce Back From Adversity (FORBES)

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Believe what you want in the conversation around Miki Agrawal‘s leadership, but there’s no denying she’s an expert in resilience. Known for taboo industry innovation,  controversial subway ads, and a publicly challenging departure from her role as CEO of THINX, she’s appropriately titled her second upcoming book, ‘Disrupt-Her.’ (READ MORE)

The Failure Factor: Cassandra Bodzak on Scaling The Conscious Personal Brand – Twice

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Cassandra Bodzak is the founder of the online mind-body-soul support community,,and best-selling author of Eat With Intention. She’s a global meditation and wellness teacher, host of Eat with Intention TV, and former host of ABC’s The Taste. Hear Cassandra’s story on how she successfully built an online community and personal brand alongside the grief of heartbreak […]

The 4 Mindset Shifts That Led To This Streetwear Mogul’s Success (FORBES)

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“You know if your leg is broken,” Bobby Kim assures me with a laugh in the opening moments of our interview for The Failure Factor. He recounts how he recently “hit an edge skate[board]ing in the half bowl” behind his company’s California headquarters. I cringe – flashing back to my own experiences with broken bones – yet […]

The Failure Factor: Founder & CEO Megan Driscoll on Building A PR Agency, Using Fear As A Motivator, And Not Wanting Kids

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  Megan Driscoll is the founder and CEO of EvolveMKD, a public relations and social media agency in New York City. She’s grown her business from one employee (herself) to 19 in two and a half years. But Megan’s success came out of a “bad breakup” at her previous company. Listen in to hear her […]

This Founder Doesn’t Want Kids. Here’s How She Deals With Inner Conflict And Others’ Opinions

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In my 20’s, I hoped the proverbial “baby clock” just hadn’t kicked in. I’d always felt ambivalent about having kids, and this awareness was disconcerting for me. Not yearning to one day be a parent as my friends and clients did left me questioning my makeup – and my worth. So I desperately hoped something would shift inside of me. Life […]

Megan Talks Disordered Eating, Body Image, Anxiety & Perfectionism On The Mindfully Fit Podcast

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I had an awesome conversation a couple weeks back with Orlaith Rosey from the Mindfully Fit Podcast. We talk disordered eating, how fucked-up societal expectations contribute to anxiety and depression in women, how perfectionism manifests in your “healthy” lifestyle, and more. Bear with me for (or skip) the first 5 mins or so (I was either nervous, […]