The 4 Mindset Shifts That Led To This Streetwear Mogul’s Success (FORBES)

“You know if your leg is broken,” Bobby Kim assures me with a laugh in the opening moments of our interview for The Failure Factor. He recounts how he recently “hit an edge skate[board]ing in the half bowl” behind his company’s California headquarters.

Bobby Kim aka Bobby Hundreds attributes his success to mindset and hard work
Bobby Kim, also known as “Bobby Hundreds,” attributes his success to mindset and hard work.

I cringe – flashing back to my own experiences with broken bones – yet I can’t help but feel slightly heart-warmed the founder is still embodying the culture his streetwear line was built around fourteen years ago. Since then, The Hundreds has become a worldwide brand, worn by celebrities Kanye West and Justin Bieber (READ MORE).

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