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Do the sh*t that scares you. Create the life you deserve.

Screw positive thinking and affirmations, and get ready for a more sustainable approach to life’s messiness. Whether you want to gain confidence in your business, dating life, body image, or coping skills – you’re in the right place.


HERe to help you like yourself – and life – a little more.

Meet Megan

Therapist. Executive Coach. Speaker. Forbes Contributor. Host of The Failure Factor.

With 12+ years of experience in the mental health field, Megan’s no-bullshit approach to coaching is the perspective you’ve been missing. Forget positive thinking and #gratitude – it’s time to change your mind and your life from the root cause of your challenges.



we’re all in this together.

Let’s spend less time hating on ourselves, and more time becoming our most resilient selves.


No Bulls*t.

Real Talk. Always.

 A legit mental health professional.

These days, you can throw a shitty self-help book into a crowd and hit a life coach. As a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a masters in counselling psychology and over 12 years experience, Megan weaves education, experience, confidentiality and compassion into her relatable voice.

Advice that gets to the root of your challenges.

Megan’s approach goes deeper than mantras and power poses. Understand how and why you’re holding yourself back from your best self, and heal the wounds that are keeping you stuck.

The secret to confidence the self-help world doesn’t talk about.

Confidence isn’t about having no fear; it’s about knowing you can bounce back from failure, rejection, embarrassment, and disappointment. Perfectionism wants you to avoid things that scare you; Megan wants you to be resilient to whatever bullsh*t life throws your way.

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