He Was Told He'd 'Never Amount To Anything' Due To Dyslexia. By Thirteen He'd Made His First Million | Forbes.com

In 1999, I was thirteen years old and using the internet to talk to boys over the newly released MSN Messenger. Michael Cammarata, also thirteen, was using the internet to make his first million. Introduced to the world of StarCraft by a neighbor, Cammarata began building related websites and programming software – before convincing his older brother (on whom he had "information") to give him two thousand dollars so he could purchase a dedicated server and start a hosting business. Over the next few years, Cammarata moved from hosting to online advertising and had created $85 million in revenue by his mid-twenties. He ultimately settled in the natural space as the cofounder and CEO of Schmidt's Naturals, one of the world’s fastest growing wellness brands.