Work with Megan


Executive Coaching

Looking to strengthen your mental game as a leader? Uncover your mental inefficiencies. Become the leader you respect. Make sh*t happen. Explore Megan’s executive coaching program for leaders and professionals.


Workshops & Team Coaching

Build resilience and emotional intelligence together. Hold a workshop for your small or large group and optimize your mental health as a team.



Humor, stories, and actionable insights for enhancing self-awareness and psychological resiliency. From tolerating discomfort to learning how to like yourself a little more, Megan’s talks will help you get closer to becoming the person you admire.


Therapy & Counseling - Virtual Sessions

With 12+ years experience providing crisis support, mental health counseling and coaching, Megan is a Registered Clinical Counselor (RCC #6420) in the province of British Columbia, and sees clients globally as a coach. Work with Megan from anywhere in the world using online video chats.


Media & Content Collabs

As an expert, entrepreneur and clinical counsellor, Megan offers in-depth, authentic insights on topics such as mental health, anxiety, depression, resiliency, self-love, eating disorders, dating, career stagnancy and more. Her collective writing, podcasts and social accounts have garnered over 30 million views.