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Not your average motivational speaker.

Transformational talks and keynotes that will leave you wanting more.


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You’re stronger than you know. Quit playing it safe.

From having uncomfortable conversations to optimizing entrepreneurial mental health, Megan’s talks bring expertise and practical tools to your event or organization. While her common speaking topics are listed below, she’s happy to speak on, moderate, or put together a panel – or develop something specific based on your needs. Just reach out and let her know what you’re looking for!

What does Meg speak about?

Specific talks are listed below, but talks can be catered to various audiences. Applications are best suited for entrepreneurship, leadership, business, body image, dating, and general emotional intelligence. Some specific questions she answers are:

  • The myths about confidence and what you actually need to follow your dreams

  • How to train your discomfort muscles

  • How to work through shame and vulnerability

  • How to finding opportunity in failure and setbacks

  • How to start practicing mental health optimizations daily



We Talks Holiday Panel: Top Shop, New York, NY

Responsible Psychedelic Usage: The Assemblage, New York, NY

Past Events

Mental Health And Masculinity: WeWork, New York, NY

Women in Leadership: W Hotel, New York, NY

Overcoming Perfectionism: Entrepreneur Organization Nerve Conference, Buffalo NY

Optimizing Entrepreneurial Mental Health: Fireside Conference, Toronto, On

“Megan Bruneau is the millennials therapist. She speaks to a generation that craves authenticity and connectedness.”

- Deepak Chopra


Dive in

Topics and Talks


The Resilient Entrepreneur:

How entrepreneurs can Optimize their Mental Health and resilience

Keynote includes:

  • Why entrepreneurs are particularly vulnerable to mental health challenges

  • Key factors in mental health and how to begin optimizing

  • Personal exploration into barriers to mental health and next steps

The Failure Factor:

How to Shift Your Perspective on Setbacks and use failure to your advantage

Keynote includes:

  • Understanding perfectionism and how it gets in the way of success

  • Why beating yourself up doesn’t work, and leads to paralysis, micromanaging, conservatism and fear

  • How changing your relationship to yourself, your emotions, and undesired events creates entrepreneurial resilience.

You Got This:

How to Be Brave and Bounce Back

Keynotes includes:

  • Myths about confidence and what you actually need to follow your dreams

  • Where your fear originates, and how to not let it get in the way of your success

  • How to bounce back from mistakes, failures, rejetions and heart breaks

  • How to begin cultivating emotional intelligence and a healthy relationship to yourself - the foundation of courage and resilience.

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