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Workshops & Team Coaching Sessions

Build resilience and emotional intelligence together.

Hold a workshop for your group and optimize your mental health as a team.


Create a team that won’t bounce on you – because they know how to bounce back.

Megan’s Approach

  • Audience-appropriate: No idealistic suggestions or Kum Bay Yah-ing around here. Only wisdom, support, and guidance from from someone who’s been part of both fast moving startups and government institutions

  • Professional – yet fun: As a skilled facilitator, Megan creates a safe environment conducive to sharing and digging into the sticky stuff.

  • Skill-building: Megan seeks to provide her audience with short-term solutions and tools they can use autonomously in their personal and professional lives

  • Research-supported: As a legit mental health professional, Megan works from a variety of empirically-supported therapeutic modalities such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Compassion-Focused Therapy, and Attachment-based somatic approaches.

What You’ll Do

  • Develop team emotional intelligence and resiliency

  • Deepen connection between team members

  • Elevate communication skills

  • Enhance transparency

  • Improve retention

  • Build autonomous teams

  • Reduce stagnancy

  • Cultivate self-awareness

Who’s it for?

Megan’s workshops are appropriate for small to mid-sized groups looking to optimize their mental health and troubleshoot personal obstacles.

What’s you’ll get

Personal and professional insight and tools you can implement immediately.

Looking for 1:1 executive coaching? Check out Meg’s coaching packages.


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