Is There A Downside To The Wellness Industry? Megan Interviewed On The Healthy Maven’s Podcast | THE HEALTHY MAVEN

By Davida Kugelmass). I live and breathe wellness, but I also can recognize that perhaps sometimes I’m too “in it” to really have any perspective on the impact of my own business, both good and bad. So I filled my feed with people and messages that lifted me up. And somewhere along the way I discovered Megan. I appreciated that Megan was having conversations about health, wellness and happiness that no one else was having. She forced me to question my own behaviors in a positive way. She made me more aware and added this much needed perspective that I’d lost in getting so wrapped up in this industry.

This is why Megan is on the show today.

Here are some topics we tap into in today’s episode:

  • Megan’s own history with eating disorders and body image

  • The negative implications of the wellness industry on young men and women

  • Social media and advice for influencers and consumers on how to be a more critical voice

  • Privilege in the wellness industry and why we need to be acknowledging it

  • Health at every size and what that actually looks like

  • Where the wellness industry is going