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Topics and Talks


The Resilient Entrepreneur:

How entrepreneurs can Optimize their Mental Health and resilience

Keynote includes:

  • Why entrepreneurs are particularly vulnerable to mental health challenges

  • Key factors in mental health and how to begin optimizing

  • Personal exploration into barriers to mental health and next steps

The Failure Factor:

How to Shift Your Perspective on Setbacks and use failure to your advantage

Keynote includes:

  • Understanding perfectionism and how it gets in the way of success

  • Why beating yourself up doesn’t work, and leads to paralysis, micromanaging, conservatism and fear

  • How changing your relationship to yourself, your emotions, and undesired events creates entrepreneurial resilience.

You Got This:

How to Be Brave and Bounce Back

Keynotes includes:

  • Myths about confidence and what you actually need to follow your dreams

  • Where your fear originates, and how to not let it get in the way of your success

  • How to bounce back from mistakes, failures, rejetions and heart breaks

  • How to begin cultivating emotional intelligence and a healthy relationship to yourself - the foundation of courage and resilience.