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Here’s How to Let Go of the Past, Once and for All | The Warm Up

I was interviewed for ClassPass’ The Warm Upabout how to let go of the past. Here’s what they came up with:

We all carry a past around with us. Like passport stamps of places seen and adventures had, whether those adventures were full of joy or tinted with sadness, the past is with us always, little marks there to remind us of what came before now.

The past shapes how we think and who we are: how we see the world, how we choose to react to events, how we function in relationships and the decisions we make from moment to moment. The past is our framework, our series of examples from which to draw conclusions, and a way in which we continue to survive, continuing to follow paths that previously brought us joy and avoiding those which brought pain


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How To Handle Bad News Like A Pro | The Warm Up

Check out my tips on handling grief, loss, and disappointment on the Class Pass’ blog, The Warm Up (Excerpt below)!

Whether it’s disappointment, scary events, sad news or heartbreak, everyone has something tough to face. The pain that can come with any of these is common to us all and can threaten to derail us if we don’t take steps to work through it.

Working through it, of course, doesn’t mean just locking feelings up in a box and ignoring them (hello, recipe for disaster and future meltdown). Nor does it mean retreating into endless sadness or isolation for an indeterminate amount of time. We need to process, to grieve, to allow ourselves to feel everything we’re going through, and eventually, we need to face the reality of moving through the situation.

If you’ve been through something that fits these categories—and we bet you have—you’ll be familiar with the harsh truth that the world continues on, which can sometimes feel cold, like the rest of the universe doesn’t acknowledge how hard things are right now. It’s important to always take the time you need to work through your situation before you try to move through it.

To tackle tough news without losing your spirit for too long, consider this expert advice from Megan Bruneau, a New York City-based psychotherapist


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