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“Whenever I Feel Depression Nipping At My Heels, It’s Usually Correlated With Feeling Disconnected” With Bianca L. Rodriguez And Megan Bruneau | Medium

I have a sterilized version of this story, where I say I’ve just always been fascinated with psychology and helping. I remember a clear conversation with my dad at about seven or eight years old, where I decided I would be a psychologist (after he killed my dreams of being a singer songwriter, artist, and journalist, respectively *sigh*). This version is not untrue, but like most therapists the full story is that my curiosity about the human condition grew out of personal experience with pain.


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Depression, Loneliness, and Risk (Alexa Silvaggio Interviews Megan About Allllllll The Important Things) | Podcast: Alexa Silvaggio of the Let's Get Information Podcast

Oh my goodness oh my goodness, Megan and I went IN on this episode.  Megan Bruneau is a remarkable human who truly is the fountain of truth.  She can’t help it.  We talk about overcoming the feelings of intense loneliness, uprooting ones life to follow dreams, body image, creating a life that has meaning, and SO. MUCH. MORE.  This is a powerful episode, you don’t want to miss it, so without further ado, let’s relax, sit back, and get INformation. LISTEN NOW

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